AC Luxury Artwork is the most prestigious luxury art in the world born from the unique and personal experience of the famous Italian artist Alice Cristallo.

With years of experience in Luxury Art, Alice Cristallo is able of creating exclusive artwork painted with fine handmade colors of pigments from earth, crystals and gems.

Every detail of the works is enhanced by the use of 24K gold both in the symbols and in particular in the frames.

Her artistic knowledge comes from secret teachings that she received from a master belonging to the lineage of one of the greatest Italian art masters of antiquity and known in all the world for centuries by the name of Michelangelo.

The colors of his works are the manifestation of sophisticated artistic techniques, such as the beauty of perfect geometries. Alice Cristallo works with a rich Italian experience on principles of architecture and aesthetics, which is based on the knowledge of precise mathematical and geometric laws that give shape to symbols of true magnificence and eternal beauty.

AC Luxury Artwork creates the best possibility to furnish luxury spaces with the presence of true luxury artwork.


Bringing true harmony and elegance to environments with universal symbols of eternal beauty.