The colors that are used are all natural pigments, none of which are from animal or synthetic origin.

They are hand-crafted by the artist every time.

This gives each work its uniqueness and the certainty that it will never be repeated.

The symbol can be reproduced, but there will never be two identical works.

Each work is transformed into a unique and irreproducible essence.

Nature itself teaches us that no matter how similar things may appear, everything is different, everything is unique appear to be.

This is of great value.

In a society devoted to the standard, go back to being unique is a symptom of awakening and love towards yourself.


Here’s what happened one day and what drove Alice to work with pigments of nature.

While Alice was reading in the couch, inexplicably she gets up and approaches the desk where she paints.

She opens a drawer and picks up a tube of acrylic color ( we specify that all colors previously used, were of great quality).

She brings up the tube to her eyes and reads the label where it says: “this material is harmful”.

After doing extensive research, she finds out that in fact the common acrylics but also oil paints, are chemical compounds that have side effects.

She finally goes to a kinesiologist who makes the weakness test.

The answer is clear: no color she was using showed signs of acceptance by
the body

Since then she asks herself: How do to continue to paint?

It wasn’t an easy situation, but on the other hand if something prompted her to watch the warning on that tube, there must have been a reason.

Here’s why…

Sacred geometry represents the language of God.

The divine blueprint that allows everything to flow according to his will.

These works of art wanted to be created with the colors of nature, as they represent nature itself.

From here started the search to find on the market the natural colors.

It’s been a long search, because nobody produced natural colors ready to use and very few around the world trade natural pigments.

Luck and tenacity have wished that some of the producers were
Italian , and so began the journey towards the experimentation and the creation of the colors of nature.

Colours created as the artists of the past who didn’t have tubes of paint at their disposal.

Her research has then resulted in the works that we can see today.

Unique and unrepeatable works, which we know are the only ones in the world, by type of subject and colouring techniques.

Painting tecniques

  • Linseed Oil

  • Cream pastel© , technique discovered by the artist, which uses agar agar as a natural binder.

  • Watercolor


The materials used are:

  • natural pigments: earth powders, minerals, stones, flowers, roots, metals, etc…
  • natural and certified organic binders
  • 23.75 kt pure gold, for the symbol and the nuances, also for the possible frame in gold leaf.  Diamonds or precious gems, as central point of light, out of the basket in gold leaf. This is a prerogative of the works of great size or on request
  • Canvas cotton 100%