Alice Cristallo

Her artistic career begins with the personal mandala, where she learns the fundamentals of order and harmony.

A true School of pictorial and personal growth, where awareness and the expression of emotions are the way to fully manifest within the art.

Her art, unique in the world, shows the finer nuances and sacred of the existence in which the universe expresses itself.

“The encounter” with the most famous and recognized expert in Sacred Geometry in America, George Gilchrist, opens the way to the study of Sacred Geometry, which takes form in her works of art.

True portals of light, where the Divine can express itself, through its well-ordered and harmonics shapes.

Hers is a personal quest, whose matrix comes from an in depth study of the painting techniques of the great old masters from which she drew.

In this research, she has found the most precious pearls that reveal the “return to origin”, in which art was created according to the canons of harmony and beauty, through the use of paints and natural techniques, in which the artist was an artist- Alchemist.

Art in this way acquires an inestimable value.

The study of shapes and colours perfectly harmonised with each other, forms the basis of a unique design and extremely fascinating, where art becomes not only the work of aesthetic beauty, but also of benefit and energetic wellness in the environment where it is placed.

In addition, therefore, to the “material” value, where the elegance and sophistication that these harmonics works express, we find the “primordial” value, that the universe has given us since ancient times with its symbols.

“Creating works of sacred geometry is lifeblood for me. I turned this passion into a real job, a job that every day feeds my soul and makes me feel at home, my real home. A place where true order and pure harmony reign, where every time immerse myself, and flood with light every particle of my being, a pleasure, an ecstasy of deep peace where only the heart can guide my hand. “

Alice Cristallo Artist luxury art