Contact and information

Contact us to receive more information about Alice’s artwork. We have the solution to realize your dream.

Exhibition of the artworks

Almost all the works are created on commission. Some are made for exhibitions at galleries and others for exhibitions at Alice’s own private meeting space.

How to make a commission

Due to the constant requests that we receive daily, the works are created on commission, for this reason a reservation of the chosen work is needed.

It is good to make a reservation in advance, so you can receive your work anytime soon.

Choice of your artwork and contact us

The models on display you’ve seen, can be made in various sizes and different colours. Therefore prices vary according to these characteristics.

Before requesting a price, choose your symbol, the color you like and the size. These are the most important details to receive the exact price for your work.

For more information, contact us by filling out the information request form.

Delivery terms and conditions

The works can be sent all over the world. We employ expert professionals to deliver the artworks created by Alice.

Send us an email, ask for information about the works

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