Every artwork is painted with true gold

Pure Gold and Gems

Gems, diamonds, gold, precious stones are the essential basis for giving life to creations. Goldsmiths, gemologists, researchers and scholars, these are the contacts of Alice to be able to find solutions to create the magnificent works that are commissioned.

Natural Color

All works are created with natural elements like stones, minerals, flowers, roots, earth powders. The frame is made of wood and the canvas is cotton 100% . Pigments are chosen among those non-toxic and do not come from animals. The works are performed by creating the colors by hand, as did the great artists from long ago.

Alchemy of Colors

The artist is an alchemist that blend wisely the elements to obtain the desired result. Fine materials, intent and symbols give life to unique and unrepeatable. Every work differs from each other for it is handcrafted entirely, without the help of “ready to use” paints, or stamps for any kind of symbol.


Alice Cristallo Artist luxury art

She’s an artist-alchimist

The first artist in the world

that creates luxury artwork,

painted with pure gold and natural colors.

Art works of high artistic value representing theharmonic structures of the universe.

For several years her artistic work has spread throughout Italy and the world.


Each artwork, unique and unrepeatable, is studied in detail. Everything is sought after to create an elegant, exclusive, unique and luxurious artwork. The geometries of the symbol are created in harmony with the environment where it will be placed and with the people who will be able to admire it. Materials are searched to give the desired optical effect. Colors, shades, contrasts and reflections are designed to make the vision of the work a true sensory experience. For this reason only top quality materials are used, sought after all over the world and selected from time to time for each single work. Gems, diamonds, gold, precious stones are the essential basis for giving life to creations. Months of work to create eternal artworks.

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