Italian handmade by Alice Cristallo

AC Luxury Artwork offers a unique opportunity to enrich your spaces with true magnificence through exclusive artworks that incorporate the nobility of 24-karat gold leaf and the vibrancy of handmade colors with pigments derived from crystals and gems. Alice Cristallo, an artist of distinction from Italy, is recognized as the foremost expert in the creation of luxury art, where each piece is a symbol of authenticity, originality, and exclusivity, guaranteed by decades of experience. Her creations are not just paintings, but expressions of luxury that enrich any environment with a touch of timeless splendor.

Matthew Casey

Alice Cristallo’art is excellent and very overwhelming.

Manuela Antonelli

In this artwork every small nuance is a variant of beauty and poetry.

Gianluca Chiarelli

Every work of art is a genuine gift, it enlivens the surrounding environment.

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