Gold, diamonds and gems for elegant and exclusive luxury art

Each artwork, unique and unrepeatable, is studied in detail. Everything is sought after to create an elegant, exclusive, unique and luxurious work. The geometries of the symbol are created in harmony with the environment where it will be placed and with the people who will be able to admire it. Materials are searched to give the desired optical effect. Colors, shades, contrasts and reflections are designed to make the vision of the work a true sensory experience. For this reason only top quality materials are used, sought after all over the world and selected from time to time for each single work. Gems, diamonds, gold, precious stones are the essential basis for giving life to creations. Months of work to create eternal artworks.

Valuable partners for luxury artworks

Over the years Alice has managed to find and select the best suppliers of gems, gold, precious and natural pigments. Goldsmiths, gemologists, researchers and scholars, these are the contacts of Alice to be able to find solutions to create the magnificent works that are commissioned.

With each partner she has managed to reach special agreements that allow she to have special solutions for all requests in a short time. Moreover gemologists of trust, thanks to their long experience, they are able to procure every kind of gem of each carat, cut and color (even if Alice always prefers diamonds). Goldsmiths of incredible mastery manage to create supports designed for the works, which can vanish in the eyes to give the effect of suspension to the gems, or become themselves an integral part of the paintings. Giving the work greater light and brilliance. Art masters help you find the best natural pigments in the world.

Gold, pure gold

Gold is one of the fundamental elements for the creation of works. In fact, together with the customer, we define the tone and brilliance we want to achieve. Depending on the needs of can use various types of gold: 24 karati pure gold, 23.75 karati yellow gold, white gold, rose gold.

Unique in the world

These magnificent works become an emblem of uniqueness, elegance, exclusivity and luxury, unequal to the world.